Trip Day 1 – London Day 1

First off, I’m going to try to post about 1-2 stories per day about our trip, to try to spread them out a bit and make it a little easier to keep up.  We started a little out of order – so that the Renewal of Vows and Maxwell Family / Caerlaverock Castle visit would be up first, but those were actually days six and seven of the cruise, 11 and 12 of the vacation.  So now we’re back to the beginning.

Day one in the UK was London – we actually spent five days in London before our cruise from Southampton.  This is actually day 1 and 2, because that’s how I organized the pictures.  By the way, if you see a little drawn paper figure in some pictures, that’s Flat Stanley and it was a school project for Ethan to take pictures of Flat Stanley visiting as many sites during our trip as possible.

So on day one, we mainly tried to stay awake until UK bedtime, in order to avoid jetlag.  So first we went to the Sherlock Holmes museum at, of course, 221b Baker Street.  The museum building is laid out roughly how it is in the stories, with authentic era furniture and settings etc.  After that, we met up with Lisa, Jerry and Rory at the hotel and proceeded to our Duck Tours on the Thames river.  One more duck tour under our belt!  We’ve now taken Duck tours in California, Washington, Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, and now London.  There are probably a few more I’m forgetting.  Anyway, after Duck tours, dinner and bedtime.

Day two, Lisa and company went to Stonehenge while we took the Hop-On, Hop-off bus tour of London… so you’ll see lots of pictures of London sites.  The pictures didn’t organize well, so it’s sort of a mix of Sherlock Holmes, the duck ride, and various sites around London.  Pictures, again, are HERE.

Next up, London Day 3 – Berkhampsted!