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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

They’re Dropping Like Flies

OK quick round-up:

  • Guliani: Out.  He sez, vote for McCain
  • Edwards: Out.  He’s not saying who to vote for.

The latter leaves an interesting milestone in American history today:  One major party has virtually guaranteed that a white male will not be nominated to run for President.

This could get interesting.  A McCain / Obama or a McCain / Clinton fight after the primaries.  I look forward to it.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I’ll sum it up quick.

  • Hope you didn’t back Guliani.  He lost big in Florida, and will apparently drop out Wednesday and throw his support behind the winner, John McCain.
  • Speaking of McCain, who would have thunk it?  The Republicans now have a clear front-runner, and he’s older than Ronald Reagan was when he ran for President.  Is it too late to change my support?  Just kidding!
  • On the Dem side, Clinton won but nobody got any delegates because of their little political tiff.  Now I remember why I wasn’t a Democrat.  So Obama still leads, good for him, I guess it’s up to Super Tuesday.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson is Out

Man, I hate being right.

Fred Thompson has officially dropped out of the nominating race for the Republican party today.

Guess we’ll just have to be happy with Law and Order re-runs :).

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Impact of McCain S.C. Win

The impact of the John McCain win in New Hampshire and now South Carolina makes the race for the Republican nomination even more interesting.  Offset by Romney’s win in Nevada, it still leaves the current leaderboard effectively a three-way tie.  Granted, Romney has nearly 30% more delegates than his nearest competitor, all still have far less than 100 each and need 1191 delegates in order to lock.  Thus when you see Romney has 59 to Huckabee’s 39 or McCain’s paltry 36, even that 59 pales in comparison to the 1191 that Romney needs in order to win it.  So, as they say, the race is wide open and it looks like Super Tuesday (and maybe Illinois???) have a chance to decide it.

Here’s the leaderboard as of now:

Mitt Romney 59

Mike Huckabee 39

John McCain 36

Fred Thompson 5

Ron Paul 4

Duncan Hunter 2

Rudy Guliani 1

The remaining candidates have zero delegates.

posted by Michael Humphries-Dolnick at 2:40 pm  

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well the Republicans were hoping for a little clarity, perhaps a front-runner to emerge from Michigan.  I guess that was too much to ask.  Mitt Romney, who has done poorly in other states so far, picked up Michigan’s Republican primary delegates.

On the Democrat front, Hillary Clinton ran unopposed in Michigan and due to the Michigan Democratic Party moving their primary forward without the national party’s approval, no delegates will be awarded in the Michigan democratic race.

Thanks, Michigan.  Jerks. 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wow, THAT was weird

So I published a comment that my brother posted (4 days ago, tells you how often I check for new comments… sorry!) and MT rebuilt my blog as per normal.  Usually when it does this, it sort of re-jiggers the current front page posts so that they fit nicely within the borders of the webpage, while also dumping older posts.  This time, when it rebuilt, it left my webpage totally blank.  Weird.  So this is a post to jump-start it again.

Oh yea, the comment from Kelly – apparently he and I bought the EXACT SAME PLASMA TV this winter.  Once again, weird. 

posted by Michael Humphries-Dolnick at 8:17 pm  

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