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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Support the Bid – Sign the Petition – World Cup 2018 USA

I’ve hesitated to spread this via email, but blog posts are different.  You can always ignore it :).

A grass-roots effort is being mounted to bring the World Cup to the USA in 2018 or 2022; the point is that American viewership of World Cup games is the highest that it’s ever been, interest in Soccer is at an all-time high, and America would be a great host.

It also helps that Landon Donovan, who scored the winning goal against Algeria in this year’s World Cup, and who also played AYSO Soccer, is involved in the effort.

If you want to submit your electronic signature to the bid, go here: http://www.gousabid.com/page/s/sticker/.  Signing up will put your email address on their (non-sell) list, which you can then unsubscribe from.  Seattle, WA – my old home and home to my mom and brother, and I think a cousin, is one of the cities in the running to host the games.

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