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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hanukkah Day 4 (Candle 5)

I’d like to say that tonight was uneventful, but it was quite a night.  Our youngest two have learned a lesson about the real reason for Hanukkah.

It started when both younger kids were being particularly difficult – ignoring our admonishments to finish their homework and clean up their messes before we’d even think about handing out Hanukkah presents, and then digging in to some of Marla’s keepsakes and using them as toys.  So tonight, except for Aaron, the “present” part of Hanukkah was cancelled.  We lit candles, sang songs, said prayers, and everything else – but no presents for them.

So, no pictures of them opening presents.

By the end of it, though, we had read them many stories about what the real reason is for Hanukkah, and the seem to understand – it’s not about the presents.   It’s about the lights.

The Lights

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