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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hanukkah Day 5

Had to skip pictures tonight.  Partly, I forgot and left my camera in my coat pocket.  The other part is, it was just stuff we bought each other, so nobody should be looking for "their" gift. 

 So, catching up…

Aaron and Matthew had a great time together the last couple of days.  I think they played video games most of the time.  Aaron had written out a schedule, and he and Matthew followed it closely.  Mostly, it consisted of "Play Video Games".  Aaron has this new video game whereby the object is to crash your race car and cause as much monetary damage as possible.  It actually rates the value of each object you hit, or cause to crash, and you get more money for causing more damage.  Lots fun.

I’m playing Shadow, the newest in the Sonic franchise.  I also have been playing "Sonic Collection", which is a bunch of games going back to 1991.  So between the two, it’s amazing to see how far the Sonic franchise has come in thes years. 

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