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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Hotel Review – Holiday Inn Independance OH

This is the last hotel we stayed at during our vacation.  Overall, it was a good hotel – same room configuration as the Bucks County, PA hotel – but a few differences show the good from the bad.

The wallpaper was peeling.  There were missing tiles in the bathroom, both that could clearly be seen by sitting on the commode.  One near the floor, and one around where the shower curtain rod screwed into the wall, leaving the screws for the shower curtain rod exposed.  When we checked in, the lights and clock on 1/2 of the room didn’t work, and it took 2 calls and several hours to get maintenance up to have a look.  It turns out a rather overloaded extension cord was pinched under the headboard and had to be extracated and reattached to the outlet.  Also the remote didn’t work, and required batteries.  

These were all realatively minor issues, but issues that should have been picked up by housekeeping all the same.  A little attention to detail would make this hotel a better place for it’s guests. 

posted by Michael Humphries-Dolnick at 8:35 pm  

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