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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Springfield Vacation

Day 1

On Friday, July 10th we slept a bit late and got going on the road around 10.  Springfield is about 3.5 hours away, we made it there in about 3.  We got to our hotel early, so before checking in we went to the State Capital and walked around.  We could have gone in, but we didn’t want to spend all afternoon there (a swimming pool awaited us at our hotel!) so we just walked around and took in the atmosphere and got our pictures taken next to Abe.

Friday evening after swimming, we all got together at a restaurant named Darcy’s Pint, where the specialty of the house is a dish called a “Horseshoe” which contains beef or other meat covered with fries which are in turn covered with white cheese sauce, all nestled on a bed of Texas toast.  Here we all are, and here’s what a horseshoe looks like:

Darcy's Pint Horseshoe

Darcy's Pint Horseshoe

Mmm, Yummy!

Day 2:

On Saturday, we went to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  These are actually two separate buildings and the museum is the main attraction.  It goes over the life of Lincoln, the Civil War and Emancipation.  Many pictures are ready to be enjoyed.

After that, we headed out to New Salem, Illinois – a now abandoned city near Petersburg (where Lincoln is buried) where Lincoln first moved when he turned 21, and worked for a while as a shopkeeper, postmaster, and doing odd jobs.  This was actually two days of activities, we went both Saturday afternoon and Sunday before we headed home.  Pictures of the Kids and us in New Salem are here.

Then there was some other stuff, and we got a flat tire driving home:

Flat Tire

Flat Tire

It was near old Route 66:

Mother Road

Mother Road

Wasn’t that exciting?

ALL the pictures here.

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  1. Yes, that was exciting. Any photos of “My Boys” are always exciting. Well, except for the flat tire.

    The Nana

    Comment by catlady — July 26, 2009 @ 6:05 pm

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