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Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Summer Plans

So now that our busy June is out of the way, what’s left for the Humphries-Dolnick family this summer?

Not much.  We’re saving up for a big cruise around the British Isles next summer.  That alone is taking all of our “fun money” resources right now, so vacations have become staycations.

But we are doing one big outing this summer – Springfield, next weekend.  Then after that, things just sort of taper off for the rest of summer – probably a good thing as we’re all pretty tired from the activities lately.  So anyway, next weekend: drive to Springfield on Friday and check in to our hotel, then we’ll hang out with the Dolnick clan over the weekend and see the sites that made Illinois famous, like the Lincoln log house and … uh, whatever else there is :).  Then return home next Sunday and it’s back to the drudgery and work-a-day world.  Sigh.  Looking forward to next summer.

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