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Friday, July 7, 2006

Our August Excursion Intenerary

OK, so as outlined in my previous post, we’re going to Harrisburg for a party during the first week of August.  But that description really only scratches the surface… having successfully carried out a road trip to Disney two years ago, we’re now ready to venture into the really, really aggressive roadtrips.  So here’s what we’re planning:

  • Day 1: Leave Skokie, drive 422 miles to Boardman, Ohio.  This is just an intermediate overnight stop to break up the road trip to Harrisburg into two days.
  • Day 2: Leave Boardman, Ohio and head east to Trevose, PA 364 miles away.  This is in Bucks County, PA where Sesame Place is located. 
  • Day 3: Travel 15 minutes from Trevose, PA to Langhorne, PA and spend the day at Sesame Place.
  • Day 4: Leave Trevose and head toward Harrisburg, PA some 117 miles and 2 hours away.
  • Day 5: Spevakow Family events in Harrisburg
  • Day 6: Spevakow Family events in Harrisburg
  • Day 7: Check out, leave Harrisburg toward Independence, OH, 320 miles away.  Check out Cuyahoga National Park.
  • Day 8: Travel from Independence, OH to Skokie, IL, 357 miles away.

That’s it… three main stops across four states in eight days.  1580 miles total. For those of you already fretting, that’s 63.2 gallons of gas for a total of about $189.20 in gas costs for the trip.  Which is nothing compared to the hotel and entertainment costs 🙂

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