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Monday, June 22, 2009

Aaron and Ethan Birthday Party Pics

As promised, here they are.  Again, it was a laser tag event, so not very much material to shoot in the dark.

We had the party at Lazer Zone in Glenview, Illinois.  The place doesn’t serve food, but has party rooms.  They suggest that everyone order food through their preferred pizza delivery company, Viccino’s.  To their credit, the pizza from Viccino’s was very good, and they offer a discount to Lazer Zone patrons.

On arrival, and after getting organized, guests have one Lazer Tag session, which is about 30 minutes or so.  First they view a training video, and then are fitted with the lazer tag gear (head gear, a light emitting “gun”, and a backpack that controls it all).  Then they enter the battle zone where they have recharge stations, bases to protect, and each other to tag with their “lasers” (really just lights).

After the first session, the pizza is delivered and everyone eats.  Then they go in to their second session.  Same as the first, only this time no training video.

Afterwards, we had cake in the same party room and then paid and left.  They cleaned up for us, and the whole event was managed very nicely by them.  We’d go back again.

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