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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Disney Prep Day 384

I plan to give you a little insight into my crazy mind, and blog what, for me, goes into planning a trip to Disney World for my family.  Follow the "Travel" category (http://famille.org/blog/travel/) to keep up with the Disney entries.

It is about 13 months (384 Days to be exact) before we will start our Disney vacation, not including travel time (we’re driving).  Here is what I’ve done so far:

  • Buy the book.  I need the book.  
  • Read the  section of the book on "when to go."  We actually already know pretty much when we’re going, but we can tweak the days to take advantage of slight lulls in the crowd. 
  • We have to decide which ticket to buy.  This is much more complicated now.  Disney charges extra for the water park add-ons and park hopping option.  I think the park hopper is a given, we used that a lot last time.  Last time we didn’t use the water parks, but it was December.  Hmm, now we’re going in June.  So I read the book sections on the water parks to decide if our kids will have fun there, or just become french fried potatos.  I’m leaning toward not getting the water parks.  They seem more geared toward older kids, and Aaron really doesn’t like the slides.  I like the slides, and so does Marla, but I don’t think that the kids can hold down the fort while we go water sliding. 
  • Decide where we are staying.  The Port Orleans – Riverside is the lowest price resort that has rooms that accomodate five.  It’s a moderate resort, doesn’t look too bad, friends have stayed there and said it was fine.  Looks like it’s Port Orleans!  (And, hey, they have a sit-down restaurant and a Jacuzzi.)

So far, it seems like we’ll buy the "Magic Your Way" base tickets with park hopper option, and it looks like our dates will be:

  • Leave Chicago June 3, stop over about 1/3 of the way there, probably somewhere in Kentucky
  • Stop over June 4 about 2/3 of the way there, probably somewhere in Georgia
  • Stay the night in an off-resort Orlando hotel the last travel day (June 5)
  • Get up bright and early on June 6, go to our resort, and get our tickets.  Drive to our first park in time for opening.
  • Spend a week there
  • Leave June 14

So now we’re set.  We’ll need tickets with park hoppers for five starting June 6 and ending June 13 at the Port Orleans – Riverside resort.

That wasn’t so hard, was it now?  🙂  Only 383 days left… 

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