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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hanukkah Night 7

Sigh.  Today was supposed tobe the day that we did our Hanukkah party, but due to a scheduling problem, we didn’t.  🙁

So, no Latkes this week.  There is going to be a party at Marla’s folks place next weekend (after Hanukkah is over) so hopefully I will get my latke fill then.

Anyway, so today, in honor of our failed attempt to host a family party, we sat around and did nothing.  Eventually, the frenetic un-busynesss got to us and we had to take a break and go eat pizza at Edwardo’s.  Then we came home and lit candles.  Hurray!  More Blue Ray movies for our PS3!  I’m gonna watch Wall-E tonight.

Here’s the pics.

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