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Monday, March 20, 2006

Zurich Notes

I don’t really have a story about Zurich per-se, as a bunch of notes.  Here are some various thoughts about Zurich itself.

  •  They have one of the best transit systems I’ve seen.  Which is pretty amazing given that the entire system works on the honor system.  You buy tickets in advance of your ride, and then wait at an open street-level platform to board.  There are no turnstyles to get onto the platforms, and no conductors walk throughout the train to collect the tickets.   There is a hefty fine for riding the system  without a ticket, but little enforcement that I saw. 
  • Shop Bahnhoffstrasse for high-end; and downtown for cheaper gifts.
  • Shop at the main train station for souviners

(Probably) More To Come…  Meanwhile, here’s some pictures to look at.

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