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Saturday, September 13, 2008

How Are We?

Even before Ike churns through the midwest, we are getting hit by a fairly substantial storm from the west that is flooding most of Chicago. 

We’re OK for now.  We took about an inch of water in the basement, but it was a fairly small section of floor and I was able to bail us out with the shop-vac.   For now, we’re holding dry.  The street outside our house, however, is now known as Lake Trumbull, part of a chain of lakes including Lake Lee and Lake St. Louis.  I just moved our cars to high ground, a few blocks away.

Now, we’ve just got to prepare for the after-effects of Ike.  Gustav dumped three inches of rain in six hours on Chicago.  We’re hoping for the best, my shop-vac is ready 🙂

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