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Friday, August 29, 2008

Texas Trip Day 6: Hurricane Harbor

On day 6 of our trip, we went to Six Flags Hurricane Habor, a water park owned by Six Flags but (in Texas) separate from the main park.  This was fine with us, because we only wanted to go to the water park and we paid less to get into HH than we would have for a full Six Flags admission.

The pictures are HERE, More after the jump.

The park has really done a great job of automating stuff, like lockers and even money.  You can buy wristbands that keep your money and locker access (via an RFID embedded in the band).  This means that you don’t have to carry as much around with you, and it doesn’t matter if it gets wet.

So we rented a locker ($10 full day for a "medium" which is actually their smallest locker), shoved all our stuff in it, and went and had fun.

The only thing that isn’t automated is tube rental – seven dollars and you have to keep your tube with you at all times (or someone else will grab it).  This is really only usefull though if you want to use the tube in the lazy river or wave pool – all the rides that require tubes provide them.  It would be nice if they had a wristband for this, and you could pick up a tube when you needed it and drop it off when you’re done.  

That said, both the lazy river and the wave pool can be enjoyed without a tube.  This is the first time I’ve seen a lazy river that allowed people to walk (or float) without a tube.  That was actually a lot of fun, we put lifevests on the younger kids and held their hands while they floated around the lazy river.  (Lifevests of varying sizes are also provided free, BTW).  

After a few rounds around the park in the lazy river, we went to the wave pool, which promptly shut down.  Oh well, next on our list was the kids area which was basically a big jungle gym with sprayers all over.  The younger kids had a blast while the older kids got bored.  

We moved on to "Boogie Beach" which basically provided a surfing-type wave for boogie boarding (boogie boards provided).  Basically you launch, lay on the boogie board on your stomach, and then work your way up to your knees.  Standing is not allowed, although advanced boogie boarders were doing that without punishment.  Aaron and Rory both tried it, with some success. 

After boogie beach, the kids waded in a shallow pool while Marla and I took "The Wedge", which is basically a big "half pipe" wide flat slide that you swoop down in a tube and then come to rest.

Then we went back to the wave pool (operating now), a couple more times around lazy river, and we were beat – and didn’t want to spend the outrageous costs for food at the park, so we left and went to a Sonic for burgers.  

Overall, a great day was had by all – kids (young and old) and adults. 


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