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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Slop Line BBQ

So what is "Slop Line BBQ"? 

You enter.  You grab a tray.  You ask for your food: BBQ of course, it’s usually either Pork, Beef (brisket), Turkey, or sausages.  "The Guy" slices off what you want, puts it on a plate, and you move on.  Then you pick your sides.  


You shouldn’t have to go through a line to get sides.  THe BBQ should be good enough, that the sides are just a… hmm, second thought?  Dunno, but certainly the "slop line" should not justify the good or bad BBQ that the establishment serves.  Unfortunately, in most cases, it does (or at least, they hope it does.)


Everyone who we asked for suggestions always said we should try the local slop line BBQ house.  We usually did, and we were always disappointed.  The BBQ is the key, and the slop line restaurants are more interested in providing a variety of sides than a great BBQ experience.  The table service restaraunts were much better, provided better BBQ, and delivered whatever sides you wanted to your table anyway.


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