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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rib Crib Restaraunt Review

On our stopover in Springfield, MO we inquired as to the best place to eat some good MO BBQ.  We were initially referred to "Buckinghams" – a slop-line BBQ joint (I’ll explain what that means later) that the hotel staff rated "the best BBQ in MO".  But we wanted a table-service restaurant.  So we went to Rib Crib in Springfield.  We were not disappointed.

On our recent trip, we had our choice of BBQ restaurants along the road and by far the best was a MO chain called Rib Crib.  The sliced brisket was absolutely perfect: slightly red in the middle with plenty of smoke flavor and a nice crust on the outside.  

Their sauce was absolutely to die for.  Both the mild and the hot had the appropriate mix of flavors, smoke, and heat to keep your lips burning with that "I want to remember this dinner for hours" flavor, whether you are a BBQ veteran or a newbie.  

The service was great, and I tipped our server well.   I hope to find a Rib Crib near us (even if I have to drive four hours to St. Louis) soon, so we can enjoy it all over again.  I strongly recommend Rib Crib for anyone who wants to try authentic southern BBQ for the first time, or veterans like me.

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