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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holiday Inn Express Lewisville TX Hotel Review

Now before I start my review of the Holiday Inn Express in Lewisville, Texas let me say that despite one problem we had, which was resolved, the hotel was "as expected" and it was a great stay.

The full review after the jump.

Upon check-in, I was informed that even though I had requested adjoining rooms, they were unable to accomodate my request and gave me two rooms (one for our three kids and one for Marla and I) across and down the hall from each other.  In fact, they were on opposite sides of a fire door from each other, and quite a distance between them.  We had two rooms for seven nights for a total of over $1400 for our visit to Dallas, and I am a Priority Club Gold member.  I told them that didn’t feel that two rooms spread so far apart was a very good effort to accomodate a family on their part.  After about five minutes of shuffling papers, "Ta-Da!" they came up with two adjoining rooms.  I was happy that we got what we needed, but a little disappointed that their "best effort" prior to our arrival didn’t yield the same result as it did after I complained.

Holiday Inn was founded by Kemmons Wilson  in 1952 because he was not happy with the lack of services provided by hotel chains for families in that era.  He founded his hotel with the goal of providing a family vacation hotel for road travelers. 

Now granted, if you go to Holiday Inn’s website today and try to book adjoining rooms, it will tell you that these are "special requests" handled on a "best effort" basis.  However I don’t think this is what Kemmons Wilson had in mind when he founded Holiday Inn to meet the family road travelers needs.   They need to do better in the future, if they are going to keep my family road trip business.

Rant mode off.

The hotel was fine.  The breakfast was outstanding as usual.  Everything worked.  Plenty of towels and pillows.  The outdoor pool was a bit cold, but on our visit it was around 100 degrees F so we didn’t care.  The only downside is that this hotel does not have a jacuzzi.  I really need one after a long drive.  I picked it even though it didn’t have one, but if I return to the Dallas area I might look for another hotel that has one.  Still, I wouldn’t tell anyone NOT to stay here… it’s a fine hotel in a great location near everything (including my cousin’s house).

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