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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holiday Inn Springfield MO Review

We’re staying at the Holiday Inn in Springfield, MO near Branson. 

Upon check-in, the hotel staff were friendly and very quick.  We have a family suite on the 2nd floor, and our room is very clean and well maintained.  There is a large room with two beds and a tube TV, plus the only bathroom (but with a whirlpool tub) and separate room with toilet and shower.  Unlike other Holiday Inn "family suites", they actually expect a family to stay here – and provide enough towels for everyone. 

The small-ish separate room for the parents has one "king" bed, although I’ve never trusted the bed sizes anyone quotes — this one is definately more like a queen, and the two "queens" in the other room are more like double beds.  But hey, I’m used to that.  There’s a microwave, fridge, and sink in the parents room.  The only complaint I have about the room is that there is not enough light – a couple of lamps but you can’t see in the closet at night, even with all the lights on.

We really need a pool when we travel.  The kids are very good about travelling, but they do end up sitting in the car six to eight hours per day, and they need this to burn off some energy.  This hotel has a pool and Jaccuzzi, although the Jaccuzzi is pretty lame.  It’s very small – OK, I can live with that, but the jets aren’t very powerfull and the water is lukewarm at best.  They need to warm up the Jaccuzzi a bit.  Fortunately, I have a whirlpool in my room, so I can sit in a proper soak after driving all day.

The restaurant is OK … the greeter sort of ignored our kids, who were very excited to try to talk to her.  The waitress was better.  The food was standard Holiday Inn fare – nothing great but not bad – and was served promptly and hot.   They made a big deal about having to "check" on whether we were guests, in order to give us our discount (kids eat free!)

Overall I like the hotel and might stay here again, although I would first look around for a hotel with a better Jaccuzzi Smile .

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