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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Channukah Day 5

I love this part.


Tongue out

Tonight was the big Dolnick family Channukah party.  Candles, dreidles, presents, and of course lots and lots of Latkes.  We also hooked up the PS3 to the HDTV for the first time today, and that kept Aaron busy with his older cousin for several hours.  The picture on this T.V. is amazing.  Marla got me some Blu-Ray movies, so we can see pure end-to-end Hi Def movies now.  Absolutely stunning.  It’s pretty hard to take pictures of T.V. pictures, so the out-of-town readers will just have to come over to our house sometime to experience it.  Or buy your own :).

Justin, the trooper kept up with his older cousins as long as he could, then he crawled behind Marla’s back on the couch and fell asleep about 7:00 PM.   

Ethan played with Alyson for hours in the living room and his room.  He had made progress on the clean-up; I haven’t been in there yet tonight but I’m sure he’ll have a lot more work to do as he has a tendancy to take thing out and leave them on the floor.  

In any case, a fun time was had by all and now it’s time to upload many, many pictures.  That link should work now, but the pictures won’t actually be there for several hours.  

More tomorrow.  Good night. 

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