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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Email for the Email Challenged

Note: This is not a review or product endorsement.  I’m actually making fun of this product.

So it’s come to this.  As if WebTV wasn’t enough, and those stories you hear about Internet-shy executives who have their secretaries print out their email for them, now you have  a service that does this for you.

Billed as "Email without a computer for your parents or grandparents", BUY.COM is selling the HP Printing Mailbox for $30.  I’m sure there’s a monthly service charge too.  Basically, you set up a service (called "Presto") which this device calls into, and any email sent to your Presto mailbox is printed out by the device, pictures and all.

I see some value for this, they point out that it can be used to get extended families more involved in elderly care by keeping them connected on the go.  You could, for instance, use your iPhone to send a reminder to Grandma to take her pills.  Then, Grandma gets a nice little printout on her HP printer.

Despite that, I can’t help but laugh about this.  I won’t endorse this product, so you’re going to have to go to BUY.COM yourself and search for "HP Printing Mailbox" if you want one.  I’ll be here at home, laughing.  🙂

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