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Friday, June 29, 2007

Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Express Atlanta/Bucktown

This is another example of "Surprise!  Hope you weren’t expecting THAT!"

This would be a very nice hotel with a few modifications.  They have townhouse-style suites that are laid out very nicely in a heavily foliage area, adding an air of residence to the hotel.  The outdoor pool is nice, and the whirlpool was a comfortable 100 degrees F.  They had a good breakfast with plenty of room.

BUT, we had one problem – and it’s one they created themselves.  Apparently in an effort to save money, they put their air conditioners on a motion sensor.  The idea is, when you leave the room (or stop moving) for 15 minutes, the A/C shuts off until you re-enter the room (or start moving).  

The problem is these are suites (i.e. multiple rooms), and the sensor is in the living room.  So you go to your bedroom, close the door (or even leave it open), go to sleep, and 15 minutes later you’re sweating in unairconditioned 95 degree weather.

Come on, Holiday Inn – don’t be such cheapskates!  You earned my business by providing a basic service, and I pay you a fair price for it.  You don’t need to chisel a few extra bucks out of your utility expenses by making my stay uncomfortable! 

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