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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hotel Review – Holiday Inn Express & Suites, London Kentucky

This is an example of what a Holiday Inn should be like.   Unfortunately, it is the only one during our trip.  No surprises, and we got exactly what we expected from a H.I. Express:

  • A clean, working, relatively new room with the bed layout we expected
  • An indoor heated pool
  • A free breakfast

This hotel stay was exactly what we expected.  The King Suite was roomy and enough for five. 

I’ll tell you more about our other hotel experiences in later reviews.  For the purposes of completeness, I have a few minor gripes about this hotel, but nothing that detracted from my experience:

  • The alarm clock time was set way off, this is something that housekeeping should fix in every room. 
  • Check-in was efficient but front-desk staff was a bit terse.
  • There was only one towel (and only room to hang one) in a multi-bed suite.  I had to call for more.
  • When I called, their front desk VRU system was in some sort of infinite loop, prompting me as follows: "Please … press zero for guest services" (press 0) "Please press zero for guest services"… oddly after I mashed the zero key repeatedly about ten times, they answered.
  • The desk has a lamp and notebook power outlet.  However, the desk is not located in the vicinity of any wall power outlet, and as such the lamp and notebook outlets have no power, and no way to get any.

Again, overall a good stay and I’d stay there again.

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