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Sunday, March 4, 2007


Long ago, there was a king named Ahaseurus, who ruled over the Persian Empire after the Persians defeated the Babylonians and released the Jews from their captivity.  Ahaseurus was generally a good king, although he sought council from an evil man named Haman.  Ahaseurus’ wife, Vashti, refuses to meet with King Ahaseurus upon his request, and is shunned.  Ahaseurus then goes about selecting a new wife.

Hadassah, cousin of Mordecai, is selected and becomes Queen Esther.  Haman is outraged that the Jews in Persia will not bow to Ahaseurus, and he convinces Ahaseurus to kill all of the Jews via a lottery system (Hebrew: Pur).  Neither Haman or Ahaseurus know that Esther is Jewish.

Meanwhile, Mordecai became privy to a plot by two of Ahaseurus’  Eunoch guards to lay hands upon him, and overthrow him.  Mordecai tells Esther, who in turn tells King Ahaseurus on behalf of Mordecai.  King Ahaseurus arrests the eunochs, confronts them, and they confess.  King Ahaseurus makes a mental note to someday reward Mordecai.

Mordecai has become despondant over the King’s decree to kill the Jews.  He contacts Esther, and together they come up with a plan.  If Esther approaches King Ahaseurus to speak to him, and he refuses, Esther would be killed.  But she agrees that this is important enough to risk her own life in order to save the Jews.  So Esther first approaches King Ahaseurus to invite him and Haman to a dinner feast.  King Ahaseurus accepts, and Queen Esther lives.  

Meanwhile, King Ahaseurus has a sleepless night, and contemplates his fortunes.  During this time of reflection, he remembers that he owes Mordecai a favor, and summons Haman to tell him to reward him.  Haman is upset because at that very moment, he was contemplating asking the King to hang Mordecai, and in fact had already built a fifty-foot high gallow for just that purpose.  

During the meal, King Ahaseurus asks Queen Esther what is on her mind.  She reports that she is upset, because a bad man has convinced him to kill all of her relatives.  King Ahaseurus is surprised, and asks who this bad man is.  Esther responds that it is the Wicked Haman.  King Ahaseurus is outraged, and orders Haman seized and hung in Mordecai’s gallow.  The Jewish people are saved, and Mordecai becomes a trusted advisor.  

Happy Purim.  Chag Simeach. 

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