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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hanukkah Day 1

The holidays are upon us.   And, as most of you know, it’s a much better holiday for the Humphries-Dolnick family this year.

So we did up the traditions in style; jelly filled donuts (actually munchkins), and Browns Fried Chicken (TREIF!).  Then we lit candles, said our traditional prayers, and sang our traditional songs.

Here’s a sampling of some of the stuff I got the kids this year; I decided to order a bunch of stuff from ThinkGeek:


Taun Taun Sleeping Bag

This little baby is the “Taun Taun Sleeping Bag”.  Remember the Star Wars episode when Luke ends up stranded on the frozen planet, and Han goes out to find him, finds him, slices open his Taun Taun, and puts Luke inside it to keep warm?  Yeah, that little mini story is told by this sleeping bag, complete with intestines inside and a light saber zipper opening.    Now the Humphries-Dolnick family can sleep warmly inside a sliced open Taun Taun!


Ethan: Meh.

Ethan shows his apathy with a “Meh.” T-Shirt.


Justin's Cuddly Zombie

Justin has a new cuddly zombie to snuggle with at night.  Complete with viewable guts.

I also gave Marla an electronic firefly jar, and Aaron got a bottle of Ghost Pepper flakes, the hottest peppers on the planet.  Oh yeah, and I got something for myself too: a USB controlled rocket launcher.  Maybe I’ll post pics of that later.  Meanwhile, here’s the raw pictures from tonight.

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