MENC North Central Division Conference (Aaron Performance)

The McCracken Middle School Symphonic Band, in which Aaron is a Trombonist, performed at the MENC North Central Division Conference in Cincinnati Ohio this weekend.  Videos of the bands performance, after the jump.

First, we have Unraveling by Andrew Boysen, Jr.

Next, they performed A Simple Song by Leonard Bernstein.

OK at this point, the performance order gets a little sketchy… so I’m just going to post the videos and let you figure out which ones are which:
Fantasy on American Sailing Songs by Clare Grundman
Mass from “La Fiesta Mexicana” by H. Owen Reed
Diversion for Alto Saxophone and Band by Bernhard Heiden
Foundry by John Mackey
Men of Ohio by Henry Fillmore

And here they are:

More to come…