Berkhamsted England

This is Day 3 of our London visit.  We went out to Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, England.  The purpose of the visit was really twofold: visit one of Lisa’s old friends, and to see the castle.  After taking the tube to Victoria Station, we boarded the National Rail service to Berkhamsted.  The train ride took about an hour.  Upon arriving, a short walk later we were at our guest’s flat.  From there, we walked all around Berkhamsted, a beautiful little hamlet with small shops and cafes, parks, and a river with longboats on it.  Toward the end of our town walk, we visited Berkhamsted Castle, which was the last stand for the English against the Normans… William the Conquerer accepted his victory at Berkhamsted Castle.

Then we went to Lisa’s friend’s daughter’s house where we were treated to pasta, Pimms Fizzes, and great conversation.

Pictures of the town and castle are here.